Bais Yaakov 76th Anniversary Dinner Journal

Thank you for giving me so many years of growth and happiness! Ms. Elisheva Strauss ('16) Thank you R' FREEDMAN Z"L and MRS.TENDLER A"H!

I will always remember you! Ms. Meira Strauss ('16)

Mr. andMrs. Akiva Sunness (Mitnick '98) Mr. andMrs. Eliyahu Tendler (Birnbaum '09)

Ms. Shoshana Chaya Vim ('16) Mrs. Yittel Weber (Baum '80)

Mr. andMrs. Naftali Weg (Greenfield '92) Rabbi andMrs. Moshe Weinberg (Stein '79) Rabbi andMrs. Zvi Weiss (Katz '79) Mr. andMrs. Yaakov Moshe Willner (Salb '12) Mr. andMrs. Mordechai Zar (Reidler '05) Mr. andMrs. Moshe Zelefsky (Loeb '12)


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